Friday, June 19, 2009

Daddy's Little Girl

Actually I don't think I am really a daddy's little girl or (even mommy's little girl), but I do know dad would do about anything for my sister and I - including tell me when I need to stop whining and put my big girls panties on - although I don't think he ever used those exact words! Went spent a lot of time every year driving up and down the road for 4-H stuff, shows, dance and dada was either there with us or at home doing chores so we could go.

Most of the time when I call home dad acts as much truth-o-meter. You would think ever year I would have the most awful, scrawny calves by the way my sister describes them, and of course hers are much better! So I am always relieved when dad tell me things are looking pretty good. Dad's also my business partner (and mom too). Two of my cows are apart of our family's donor program. Dad is greatly benefitting from this because let's face it I only have three cows, two of them being donors, so that doesn't leave much room for receipts in my herd. I am glad though that dad can keep on using these genetics in his and mom's receipts. It makes me feel like I can still contribute although I am more than 1600 miles away from home! 

The picture below is one of my favorites. It is a pretty good description of what my family is all about. It was taken at the Calgary Stampede in 1985, in the Big Top tent. Walt Browarny took the photo, which is a little ironic because most of the pictures I have that Allan or Walt took are cattle pictures, and I also went onto work for Walt in college. I found the picture in a pile of old pictures one summer when I was home from college and snatched it for myself!

So dad I hope you have an excellent golf game on Sunday, wish I could be there. Love ya!


  1. I have to are so one of daddy's little girls. I think that is why you got a new red heifer calf this spring!

  2. Aww, that's so sweet!


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