Friday, June 26, 2009

Ice Tea

The debate Canadian Style vs. Sweet Tea vs. Unsweetened

Currently, Missouri/Kansas is in its third straight day of an excessive heat advisory. It was supposed to end Thursday night, but oh no they had to extent it into this weekend. Excessive heat means 100+ (38 degrees Celsius) days, and then you can ad humidity on top of that. My Alberta friends you have no idea how much I miss dry heat!

There is one cure for the heat a big tall glass of ice tea. Now for my American friends Canadian Ice Tea is a completely different deal compared to what we have down here. You make it with juice crystals and it is sweet and wonderful tasting, it doesn't really even taste like tea. Perhaps that is why I use to gag on American ice tea! My sister makes it about one cup of water to one cup of crystals - you could usually still feel the grittiness! My dad makes the best ice tea though - secret ingredient Pepsi. That's right all you that are about to whip up some ice tea back home, add some Pepsi and let Heaven find you!

Now, here comes the big revelation. As I mentioned I could hardly stand American ice tea when I first arrived. It is cold brewed tea - sometime some sugar added. Why would anyone want to drink that, I drink tea warm in a mug. These people down here seem pretty please with it though. Slowly, I have been able to get used to the idea of sweet tea - only after it being around at enough judging contests, banquet and bull sales. However, it hit me this week. When I came in from shooting video and picture under the sweltering Kansas sun this week I asked for an ice tea - unsweetened at that - and I liked it! Today at Arby's they have these new fruit ice teas - I ordered blackberry. It was sweet, and I was thinking how much better it would have been unsweetened. I really felt like I lot part of my Canadianism today. I guess that is what six years south of the border will do to ya. Sad day. Almost as sad as Michael Jackson passing away, but now I am getting off topic. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'll be busy packing to make the move from Easy Street to Country Club. Not bad for only being in this town a year and a half. Talk to you soon!


  1. Good thing your coming home in 2 weeks, so we can get you Canadianized again. Poutine, ice Tea, Ceaser's, Calgary Stampede, seeing your cows and puppies, sleeping with bear, chuckwagon races, being around cousins and family......hey that should about do it.

  2. To make dad's iced tea not only do you have to add pepsi but a little bit of lemon juice as well.

  3. Hey Crystal! I feel terrible that I have not had the time the past couple weeks to do my normal daily blog visits (so I am doing my best to catch up).....I stood up in my best friend's wedding and then headed down to Ames, IA for ultrasound re-cert and then to Wellsville, KS for touring and visiting! So, what I'm getting at is I sure got a taste of Kansas heat last week - WOW!! That humidity just about knocked me over the first day! The trip was absolutely amazing - the country-side was beautiful and we even got to seem some Angus cattle, which was one of the highlights for me.
    ps - we also visited Nigro's - awesome place!! I came home with a couple pretty cool finds :)

    I still can't seem to get used to the American "Iced Tea"!

    Stay cool!!

  4. Being from Florida I have always thought that the only way to have tea was sweet. I was amazed when we took our son out to Iowa for a Junior National show that you couldn't order sweet tea. The server would look at me like I was crazy when I ordered it sweet, then point out the sugar on the table. Any true southerner knows that you have to add the sugar when the tea is hot!


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