Sunday, October 25, 2009

Guest blogging

A first for crystal.cattle

I am excited to announce that this week crystal.cattle will be having its first guest blogger! Miss Stacie Wenig will be giving us some background on the issues Ohio agriculture is facing. It is pretty scary thinking that Ohio could be going through the same thing that California faced with Prop 2. Animal rights groups and activists aren't going to stop until raising livestock in an economical, yet responsible way, is impossible.

Stacie is from Ohio and I have been impressed with her advocacy on this issue. Stacie and I met through mutual friends, and now as facebook friends I have enjoyed her facebook statuses updating me on this issue.

Just a little bit of background on Stacie. She grew up in Northwest Ohio on a grain and vegetable farm. Her involvement in FFA, and later on as a state FFA officer, cutlivated her passion for the agriculture industry. In 2009 she graduated with a Bachelors of Science from Ohio State, with a focus on agribusiness, applied economics and political science. Now she is working on her masters degree in agricultural communications, all while completing a full-time teaching associateship. Busy girl I would say!

Stacie has a strong interest in politics and agriculture. We need more young people with these combined interests. So stay tuned. I am excited to hear Stacie's perspective. I think it is important to rememember that HSUS, Peta and animal rights groups will come after us one state or province at a time.

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