Monday, October 26, 2009

K-State in the headlines: anti-agriculture against us

Not exactly what I want my alma mater know for.

As I have mentioned in previous posts that the Kansas State Collegian has sure felt the need to be critical of agriculture this semester. One author in particular, Beth Mendenhall, has continued to write articles condemning the benefits of meat, dairy, eggs and agriculture in general, and would argue that she is just shedding light on the issues. Showing both sides of the story. The problem is that she has failed to tell both sides of the story, and isn't using fact to back up her claims.

Well a friend of mine got tired of this, and sent a letter to well know agriculture author Chuck Jolley. I have really enjoyed Chuck's editorial on, one of the most visited cattle/agriculture websites in the business. Last night Chuck published Brandi's letter, along with some of his own commentary, Jolley: Is The Anti-Ag Disease Spreading to K-State?  

Now although, I don't like my school getting this title, I think it is a good wake-up call for some people. Even in institutions that are rich in agriculture history and tradition, our techniques, systems and way of life will be questioned. Take time to help educate any of these people that ask. They may be headed to the grocery store next to decide between a steak or spinach salad.

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