Friday, October 23, 2009

Sun where have you gone?

Some people call it misery...

Number one reason why Kansas is better than Missouri, beside my Wildcats, the sun SHINES in Kansas. In Missouri is seems like I can go days without can sun. It might not be cold out, it just cloudy and grey. Last week we got stuck in one of those patterns. Six days straight without sun, I am not even exaggerating, but then on the weekend the clouds broke and we were blessed with a beautiful day for the Eby sale, and some great tailgating weather. It was also a perfect day for pictures. So my trusty assistant R3 joined me as I took senior photos for one of my coworkers. It was such a great day to be outside! I'm crossing my fingers that the sun will break through for at least one day this weekend!


  1. Awesome shots of this young man!!

  2. Thanks Robyn. It had such a natural expression on his face it made it easy.

  3. oh wow, could you come do my senior pictures this year in Alabama?! :) I wonder if these same farm shots would do for a girl? :)


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