Friday, April 22, 2011

Boiled eggs, fires, and peta-supporting celebrities

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I hope you are having an awesome weekend with your family and friends. I am traveling back to Iowa to celebrate Easter with the Boy and his family. Today there isn't a post from me rather 3 things that I thought you might find worth reading

The Perfect Boiled Egg - I never quite get boiled eggs right, however I really do love to eat them. Especially, on salads, and with Easter here this weekend 5 Chick and a Farmer's tutorial has perfect timing.

picture from Life on Kansas
Cattle Ranch
Pastures up in flames - Have you noticed pastures on fire in Kansas (and a few other places too) lately. That is because it is burning season. Debbie Lyons-Blythe of Life on a Kansas Cattle Ranch does a great job explaining why burning last year's grasses is important for maintain good grass health and ecosystem. It's worth checking out the posts just to see the pictures.

10 Singers who support animal rights extremists - 10 misinformed celebrities that don't truly understand what HSUS and Peta are all about. They would love it if we were all vegans, and that means no more livestock. Celestet Laurent does a great job of identifying those that aren't supporting what my family does.


  1. Thanks for always sharing GOOD information.
    Have a wonderful Resurrection Sunday!

  2. Thanks for sharing my post!
    I hope more people will realize that their favorite singers aren't the role models they should be if because they're supporting extremists groups like PETA and HSUS!

  3. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the links. Feel free to share with others.


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