Thursday, April 7, 2011

Turquoise and Texas - Turquoise Thursday

Turquoise and Texas, they just seem to go together. 

Last weekend I was in Texas for a trade show, and I had to sit across from the Reads Jewelers booth. We are talking some of the most gorgeous turquoise, diamond, braided rings, silversmith jewelry I have seen. I just kept on saying budget, budget, budget over and over again. 

However, Ronda May who works for Reads was nice enough to let me take some photos. But, before I get to those I just want to make one more comment. 

What is in the the water in Texas? I mean I saw some of the most gorgeous women, with an incredible sense of style at this cattlemen's trade show. And I'm not talking big blingy fashion, huge crosses, etc. I am talking classy ladies, with the perfect pair of cowboy boots, the right about of jewelry and really wonderful clothing to tie it all together. Needless to say I drank as much water as possible while I was down there. 

Back to the jewelry:

Isn't it just beautiful. All of these turquoise pieces are in 24 karat gold. You won't find them on their website because they are all handmade, but you can call Reads Jewelers and they will hook you up. 

I realize the my camera skills are a little lacking here, the second earring is out of focus. However, that may help you from seeing that these earrings are $1,399. 

The cross section. 

Be sure to check out the Reads Jewelers facebook page for more beautiful pieces. 


  1. Hi Crystal,

    Thanks for the shout out to us Texas gals! You are a sweetie! I was at the trade show too. How fun it would have been to meet you! Keep up the great work on the blog! You do a fantastic job!

  2. You're welcome Ginny. I wish I would have gotten to meet you. Thanks for following along.

  3. this is soo fabulous!!thanks for checking out my blog texas women definatly know their stuff I aspire to be that great one day ha!!

  4. Crystal! I love this store, and I love to add to my "wish list" every time I pass a Reads booth!!

    I need to apparently drink more water as I write this comment in a pink Polo cap!

    Have a great week!


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