Monday, April 11, 2011

Five Guys Beef Burgers... Yum

Delicious beef burgers. 

Today, I had my first Five Buys Burger experience. I had heard a lot about Five Guys, but hadn't had a chance to gobble up one of their delicious burgers, and I have now decided that people probably go there for their the French fries as much for the burgers.

Look at all those Idaho potatoes!
I was impressed that Five Guys uses Peanut oil to fry their fries in, which is an oil that doesn't contain any trans fats, but I came for the meat!

I decided to go with their small burger (1/4 lb) with ketchup, pickles and mushrooms. I was impressed that their burgers are fresh made, and the meat is never frozen. Definitely a million times better than the pre-made frozen patty burger that I had a Toby Keith's Bar and Grill this weekend.

Yes, I love beef!

This was my delicious meal. And no I don't carry around postcards in my purse so I can create extremely "artistic" I Heart Beef" postcards. Five Guys provide these cards, so you can scribble out your love. See... 

I figure it would only be appropriate to thank Five Guys. Maybe on my next trip I draw a I love Farmers masterpiece. 


  1. One of our go to meals a big burger and homemade FF's.

    Looks good.

    I like their idea of letting customers create cards.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. We love Five Guys! Eat Five Guys in Montana!!

  3. We don't have a 5 Guys where I live in CA, but if I'm ever in your area, I'm stopping there!

  4. Love it! I have never eaten there but have always wanted to!!

  5. my hubby found these places while on the road for work. luckily they've just opened some in the dfw area so we can get them here now too!!! YUM!!! (I read last year that Pres. Obama listed them as his one guilty 'splurge' place!) :)

  6. Very similar post to mike for Kansas beef Chat! I loved my meal at 5 guys in DC too!

  7. We have them in KC -- the burgers are awesome!

  8. Never had a burger at 5 guys and a burger.... you are making me hungry, wonder if there are any in Ohio!


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