Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Things to see in San Antonio

An afternoon stroll in San Antonio.

A couple weekends ago I mentioned that I was in San Antonio. Remember the Texas Women style post, and me thinking it has to do with something in the water?

Well, I am pretty sure they aren't drinking any water out of San Antonio's River Walk, but it's pretty nonetheless. 
If you're in San Antonio you have to check out the River Walk.

There are a million delicious places to eat along the Riverwalk. The Little Rhein Steakhouse is one of my favorites.

And it was nice to see some signs of Spring. 

I stayed at the Menger Hotel, which is an old historic hotel.

Beautiful detailed craftsmanship.

And of course I loved it's turquoise walls. It didn't hurt that I could also look out my bedroom window and see the Alamo.

Hello, people walking into my shot. You now get to be apart of my things to see in San Antonio blog. 

And if I come how could have removed this gate and transported it onto the airplane, it would have been coming with me. I love it!


  1. The riverwalk is a great scenic place - it can be quiet and beautiful and peaceful or it can be bustling full of party people. :) That hotel looks gorgeous!

  2. San Antonio is one of the places that is on my list of 'places to visit' I know I would really enjoy it and after seeing some of your photos, I REALLY want to get there:)

    My cousin got married in a little church right on The Riverwalk and had her reception overlooking it - a beautiful place!

  4. Love it! We are planning our exec board retreat in San Antonio! So excited!


  5. San Antonio is my all time favorite city! I need to go back soon! Gorgeous photos!


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