Tuesday, July 5, 2011

2011 Iowa Corn Report III

It's growing

I apologize for the gap between Corn Reports. The last time I was in Iowa I forgot to take a photo, oops! I am sure Corn Farmers gurus could tell you a lot more about what is going on in those fields right now, you have to remember I'm just a cattle girl that has a fascination with Iowa corn. But as you can see it's growing.

June 6, 2011
And almost a month later it is getting to be close to as tall as me.

July 4, 2011
As you can see the corn has grown tremendously in the last month. In my opinion, this time last year, the corn was a little taller, however it is still on track to being a great crop. 

It is always exciting to think about how much food these fields will provide for our livestock and people. The crops look good right now, but the Boy's farm needs some rain. Especially, to keep the grass growing for his cattle. 

The Boy and I had a great Independence Day weekend. I think it is great that I get to celebrate Canada Day and Independence Day each year. Between going out to the farm we were able to get some golfing in (I had an awesome game), hanging out with his sister and future brother-in-law, who were up from Texas, rode in the parade, watched some fireworks and spent a little time at the pool with his cousin. I would say a pretty good weekend.


  1. Before I saw the second picture, I thought the top one was the most recent. Glad that's not the case, because it was much too short!! Knee-high by the 4th of July!

  2. hey it pulled the knee high by the 4th of July off just great :). When I first saw that 1st photo though I was worried.


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