Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cow, goat, rice or soy milk - what do you prefer

I'm all about sporting g a milk mustache.

Prize winning dairy
cows at the World Dairy Expo
Recently, I have been spending a little more time in the dairy section of my grocery store. I've been on the search for Greek Yogurt, I'll blog a little more about that another day. What I have noticed on my quest is the variety in "milk" options. I put milk in quotes because a lot of what you see really isn't real milk - soy milk is not milk in my opinion. It's got to come from the cow to pass my test.

However, these milk substitutes are good options for those with health concerns such as lactose intolerance.  Recently, I came across this article that talks about different milk options. It gives pros and cons of each and answered a lot of my questions.

Check out The Skinny on milk nutrition: Cow, goat, rice or soy? 

What kind of milk is in your fridge. Growing up I used to drink 2%, but after college I switched to 1%. All that same nutrition with a few less calories!

One of my favorite photos from when I photographer the World Dairy Expo a few years ago. 

p.s. I am still at the National Junior Angus Show this week. So I apologize if I don't respond to all your comments right away. I will have some updates on the Crystal Cattle facebook page


  1. AnonymousJuly 10, 2011

    Great pictures, Crystal! I judged at WDE several (like 12...sheesh how did that happen!) years ago and I absolutely loved it!


  2. I grew up on store whole milk. Hubby won't drink anything else and woe me if I buy anything else. ;)
    His folks had a small dairy farm when he was growing up so I suspect that has a lot to do with it. :)

  3. Crystal...I agree with you on the "milk", about the Greek yogurt...I've been trying things off of my beaten path lately, as I've been trying very hard to re-vamp my eating habits. I've found that it's different than "regular" yogurt, but it's good. I've even used it as a sub for light sour cream in recipes, and so far I've had great results. Let me know more about what you discover.

  4. Oh I could drink a gallon of any milk a day. I love whole but I try to stick with 1% for calorie's sake. I recently started a diet where I can't have milk and after about a week I literally had dreams about milk withdrawals, so I've been letting myself have a glass now and then.

  5. We have two milk cows, so fresh is best in my book. I'd rather my boys drink it anyways, no nasty hormones and such. Organic milk is so exspensive too. So far, they've been a great investment. :)
    I'm not a milk drinker myself, but I put it in my coffee and use it cooking quite regularly. We make butter, and I'm gonna try one of these days, yes, to make cheese, asadero cheese. Yum!

    I've had goat milk, but I don't like it, has a funny 'wang' to it. But, each to their own, as they say. ;)

  6. I grew up drinking whole milk and still think it's super yummy but have moved on to 1% to be healthier!


  7. I think as long as it comes from an animal (ie cow, goat, sheep) it's milk... otherwise... it isn't! I tried goat cheese one time, to me it tasted like my grandpa's barn smelled after 5 years of my goats being in there (if that makes sense) so I'm scared to try goat milk! In our fridge, 2%. I cut my hubs back from whole and we've agreed upon 2% :)

  8. Crystal, how did you get the WDE photography gig? Showing dairy cattle is a completely different ballgame than beef, but it intrigues me nonetheless! Have fun for me in PA, while I'm stuck in the office!



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