Sunday, July 17, 2011

An instagram week in photos

I'm back

I have arrived back in the Midwest after a wonderful week in Pennsylvania. I had an awesome time connecting with old friends, making new friends and enjoying some great cattle! Although, I have been a little quiet on the writing front I was busy taking photos and editing video.

Remember the amazing app Instagram I told you about? Well here is my past week in photos. And if you are on Instagram be sure to search for me as crystalcattle. I've loved following a lot of you, so be sure to leave your username in the comments below if you are also using the Instagram app.

I love this I Heart Beef silly band of my friend's, Katie.

Can't got anywhere with the turquoise back. The yellow thing is an eartag and on the other side is my contact information. The I Heart Beef sticker has seen some better days, but it is holding in there!

I love taking pictures of cattle. 

Everyone is chasing these blue ribbons at the National Junior Angus Show. 

The cutest showman of the entire show. This young Angus showman is from South Carolina. 

This is a tea towel that one of the teams was using in the Cook Off Contest. If anyone knows where you can get these please let me know! 


  1. Love instagram! Looking forward to your post!


  2. Love the "I Heart BEEF" band, do you know where she got it?

  3. The silly band came from the Georgia CatteWomen's group.

  4. I so wish I was able to have instagram on my phone...dumb android. :)
    Thanks for linking with me; I love seeing what you've been up to!


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