Friday, July 22, 2011

Favorite Turquoise Thursday Yet

We are talking turquoise and Indian Pearls

Yeah, I know it's Friday - but my days have  been a little messed up, and I couldn't let this Turquoise Thursday go bye.

In past couple of days I have found some of my most favorite turquoise and jewelry pieces, i.e. if you are a mother, sister, grandparent, future husband, friends, or just would like to give me a gift these pieces are on the wish list.

This turquoise bracelet from Ann's Turquoise is perfect. Thank-you Pinterest for leading me to you bracelet I hope to own one day. I feel like a toddler jumping up and down right now saying I want, I want, I want. 

Oh turquoise you are such a pretty color. If you haven't ever checked out Whispering Pines go there now. Now only to they carry beautiful turquoise pieces, but lots of home furnishings as well. I have blogged about their really cool pillows before. 

I know these are black, but trust I know they come in turquoise - I have seen them before on my friend Catie's earlobes and I plan on finding myself a pair. I had to post these anyways best again thanks to my Pinterest friend Brandi I have stumbled across the most amazing jewelry store Bunk House Designs! And that leads me to these. 

Because not all turquoise has to be bright blue. Yup add it to the list. These Bunk House Designs ladies are excellent. They know their turquoise and they know Indian Pearls. What is an Indian Pearl you may ask? See for yourself. 

Both this necklace and the bracelets are also making me currently jump up and down saying I want, I want, again. I have one little tiny Indian Pearl bracelet that I bought for myself after the Denver Stock Show this year, but I am very limited in my collection due to the cost of these little pearls. Why must pretty things be so expensive? 

Now who is running out and making a purchase. I hear a few of you are new owners of the Junk Gypsy Necklace


  1. While living in Arizona, I was told by a Navajo jewelry maker that the greener of the color in Turquoise, the higher the value. It's very difficult to simulate. You have wonderful taste! I hope your family is paying attention! lol

  2. @MissMontgomeryJuly 22, 2011

    I'm a big fan of pearls! I didn't know what Indian pearls were until I read about them here. They are B-E-A-utiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the top pretty and simple!

  4. I really like Whispering Pines bracelet. I love thick banded cuffs

  5. ooo the first and 2nd bracelets are my fave!


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