Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Best Board Game for the Holidays

Gather the family.

Growing up my family loved board games. When my cousins and my sister and I would get together for holidays after supper was served, and the plates were cleared, we always broke out a board game.

One of my favorite games was Scattergories Junior. This Christmas I wanted to pick up the board game for the Boy's family and I to play at Christmas. However, everywhere I looked I could only find Scattergories Adult, which is fun but we are going to have some younger members of the family playing.

No big deal, I'll order on Amazon. I have wrote before how the UPS and Fedex men know our house pretty well with there not being a ton of major shopping areas right close to our farm.

Onto Amazon I went, searched for Scattergories Junior and there it was for $149.99. What?!?! This can't be possible. The Adult version in the store about about $20. After doing some investigating I realized they don't make Scattegories anymore and now it is a collectors item. Great. I really wanted this game. Second option buy it used for about $30. I bought it used.

Now, I patiently waiting for my collectors edition of Scattegories! What games does your family and friends play together.

p.s. What is this game even about?

1. You pick a category - say food
2. You roll a letter die
3. You set a time
4.  Now write down as many food items that start with that letter
5. At the end of the timer compare lists with your competitors. If you both write down the same word no one gets a point. You do however get points for all the words that no one else has.
6. Keep playing because you are having so much fun!


  1. I never owned Scattegories, but I loved to play it! Can't believe they don't make it anymore! It's not really a board game, but I love the game "Curses". I found it on Amazon a couple of years ago, and it sounded fun. OMG, so fun! It can get kinda outta hand, haha.

    1. I will have to check that one out. You can still get the Adult version of Scattergories. We saw it at a bunch of Barnes and Noble stores.


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