Monday, December 17, 2012

How to create a url for your Facebook page

A little social media tip

Do you have a Facebook page? Here is a little tip to make it easiest for people to find your Facebook page.

First look at the url on these two different pages.

Notice that after the .com there is a bunch of grabble (really technical term, I know). 

Now look at my Crystal Cattle page. See how it is just .com/crystalcattle

Because I have this simplified url I an easily include it in emails, on business cards or other literature pieces. So how do you get a url like this? Visit this link. 

And follow the instructions. However, be careful because you can only ever change you Facebook url once and then you are stuck with what you got. 

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  1. just did it! thanks for sharing babe!

  2. Thanks for the info Crystal! Now, how the heck did you add the cow to your blog url?


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