Thursday, December 13, 2012

Turquoise Thursday: Headbands and Boot Socks

A little help with your Christmas Shopping

Recently, I came across Three Bird Nest on Etsy and I am hooked. I purchased a couple things off their Etsy page as Christmas gifts, and want to purchase numerous things for myself, but I have refrained as I am hoping Santa, my parents, sister, friends, inlaws, husband, etc. will help me out.

I know it isn't turquoise but this is the item I am talking about. Isn't this bow scarf amazing. I don't think I haven't ever seen anything like it. Plus, it is on sale right now for $28.
When I go to Denver in January for the National Western Stock Show and it is always so cold that people only see your jacket and scarf is would be the perfect accessory. 

We've all seen them on Pinterest now is your chance to purchase. These turquoise boot socks aren't on my Christmas list as right now I don't have any tall riding boots to wear them with however I know lots of my readers do. 

This is one of the headbands that Three Bird Nest has recently added. Isn't it cute.

As you can see it comes in a bunch of different color combinations. 
I mean the cows have already shown an appreciation for my sock buns and high heels and I am sure they would appreciate a little headband glamour when feeding them. 

This is actually the knitted ear warmer I have on my wish list. I'm not sure if it the headband I love or just this girls hair! 

Make sure you check out Three Bird Nest on Facebook. They have been having a bunch of great sales but you have to act fast as they have a limited number of these sale items. 

p.s. hint, hint. Giveaway tomorrow. 


  1. Love their store. One of my favorites for sure!

  2. I need those headbands ~ thanks for sharing !!

  3. Love Three Birds Nest...such cute stuff!

  4. I need those headbands as well. My new addiction is now Etsy and Three Birds Nest!


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