Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A week of Instagram: Boots, Blueberries, and Babies

It's been a busy few days around the farm and in the office. Not only did we finally get our first calf, but we have been preparing to take a trip to Denver for the National Western Stock Show, and I can't wait to get there! Our plane is leaving tonight and I am ready to see some friends and cows. Yes, I get excited to see cows. To see all my Instagram photos follow @crystalcattle.

Check out this rainbow. I have been going to an early morning yoga/pilates class and on my way home this rainbow caught my eye. I had to look twice because there was no moisture and it was a full rainbow. I think a little sign that it is going to be a great day. 

Although, my Frye boots are definitely prettier these boots are the warmest, most practical pair I own. They are Columbia's and I got them probably seven years ago. 

Not a good morning when your curling iron breaks. Oh well I guess I don't have to buy one of those curling wave sticks now. 

There have been a ton of blueberries in the grocery store and I have been stocking up. This blueberry, banana and honey concoction is the perfect snack. 

And finally a picture of our new baby bull (boy) calf. He was only minutes old in the picture. I'll be sharing a little more about him next week!

Hope you all have a wonderful day, and the rest of the week brings lots of fun. 


  1. I cannot believe your curling iron broke like that! Have you thought about looking into a curling wand? They are ammmmazing!

  2. What a lovely series. I've seen the baby on your Facebook page, too. I look forward to seeing more pictures of him. :)

    1. Thanks Lois. Looking forward to getting more pictures of him!


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