Friday, January 11, 2013

Obama why don't you eat a steak

I've got a bone to pick. 

This post may ruffle a few feathers. It's probably a bad idea to publish this post, but why not? The ole Crystal Cattle blog is due for a little excitement every once in awhile.

Let me start off by saying I REALLY dislike buffalo and their bison meat, a lot. No offense to buffalo farmers and ranchers, but I don't think your product makes much sense. Yes, herds of buffalo once fed the Native Americans quite well, however we now have this red meat call beef.

Why I personally feel beef is superior.

1. Beef is a more consistent product, that has quality guidelines. It is called the USDA Beef Grading System. When you buy a Choice steak you've got a pretty good idea of what you are getting. If you buy a Select steak you know the quality will be less, but you are also paying less. (Make sure you cook those Select cuts of beef a little slower and longer, or try marinades as their is less marbling in a Select steak).

2. Your buffalo are taking up room that my cattle could have. Yes, I know that is a really compelling argument.

3. Steak > bison

Why I am I even bringing up this subject other than please don't try and feed me the stuff if we are out to supper together. Today is Mr. Obama's inaugural lunch. It will include steamed lobster, potatoes, apple pie and grilled bison. Mr. Obama in 2009 47.8% of the dollars consumers spend on meat was spent on beef, in 2010 cattle contributed to 15.6% of all agriculture cash receipts, in 2011 then beef industry generated $44 billion in farm gate receipts.

Do you think you could maybe throw some beef on your plate?

Additional note: I found this article that talks about many of the Presidents' inaugural dinners, and many of them have not included beef. I hope whoever we get in 2017 steps up to the plate.


  1. Hear me out, I LOVE beef. However, being raised in Pawhuska (home of the tall grass prairie) I have eaten a lot of Bison in my day. Nothing can beat a good cheeseburger, I believe that wholehearted. Bison burgers are not that bad.

    1. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I knew there would be some people out there that definitely had a different opinion. I am sure it is nice to have another protein in the diet once in the awhile, but it just isn't something for me.

  2. Go you for speaking your mind! No need to sugar coat how you feel.

    That being said maybe because I'm an Okie or maybe because of the stereotype that goes along with being part Native American, but I've consumed quite a bit of bison. I love it, and personally think when it comes to making chili it is a better option.

    But from #3 down I agree whole heartily with this post, and I as well think our Commander in Chief should consider adding a little more beef to his diet, or heck how about a little support for the beef industry, instead of slapping more ridiculous regulations on us.

    Another thing I feel like having both lobster AND bison for LUNCH is a little overkill... but that's just my opinion.

    1. Bison is lower in fat and higher in protein so I would say your chili is probably pretty nutritionally packed, I'll take your word for it on taste ;) I do completely agree with you that we need more support from our government otherwise there isn't going to be anyone left producing beef or the other agriculture products we love.

  3. Love your post. I suppose the beef industry didn't support him enough...

    Personally, I'd rather have a good steak, too!

    1. Linda, that is definitely a point to consider.

  4. I'm not a fan of bison either!
    I enjoyed your post!""


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