Thursday, January 10, 2013

Turquoise Thursday: F21 Turquoise Jewelry Steals

One of my favorite Pinterest Boards to follow is chloe (the chloe conspiracy). I have mentioned her blog a lot, but her steals and deals Pinterest Board always pleases.

 On Chloe's Steals and Deals Board is where I found this great statement necklace. I love the little pop of turquoise color. Wouldn't this look great against a crew neck sweater. 

How can you beat these turquoise drop earrings at $1.50!


  1. That’s a wonderful statement necklace, I could see that being a big hit!

  2. Brides usually wear it while sporting turmeric or henna as gold jewelry might get spoiled when it comes in contact with them and they do save it - atleast the beads and bases as a memento –

    antique jewellery

  3. Like this one, I now want to buy a crystal jewelry, Swarovski liked, but I do not know that a good pick money, you help to the


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