Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A week of Instagram: The Game of Life

I think we are due for another Crystal Cattle Instagram update. I got to travel a little bit the middle of February but this weekend will make the third weekend in a row that I am home. I have no idea when the last time was that happened, but it has been great. 

You've got to check out this Bed Head Thickening Spray called Superstar Queen for a Day. It is kind of like a mousse, except it sprays more like a hairspray. I used this stuff all the time in college and kind of forgot how much I like it. It give my fine hair great volume without weighing it down. Love it. 

My travel took me to San Antonio for a couple days so I made sure that I made a trip over to the Riverwalk. Here's a couple questions. How do they make their margaritas so darn good? And how can I grow an avocado tree in Iowa without a greenhouse. I am working a few ideas because I think I am getting addicted to avocados.

Look how big Parker the bull calf is getting. He has even started to eat some grain. It always amazes me how like calves are smart enough to discover things like grain. This weekend we gave his mom, Teardrop a hair cut. She looks like a whole new women! We have had a couple new calves so I'll be sure to post those pictures soon. 

The other night I surprised the Boy by bringing home the Game of Life. As a kid my family used to play it all the time, and he said him and his sister played it a ton. He beat me, but I figured being a Lawyer with an Executive Cape House and retiring with 1.5 million isn't too shabby!

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  1. I love the Bedhead Thickening Spray. Use it daily!


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