Monday, March 11, 2013

Poshmark: The Ultimate Way to Shop & Sell

Have you been hearing the buzz about Poshmark? This weekend I got addicted.

What is Poshmark? 
It is an app that you download to your iPhone or iPad, and it allows you to sell or buy clothing. Think Goodwill, but brand names and stuff that you will actually wear. A lot of the items are also brand new with the tags still on, others are gently worn. You can find some awesome deals. I bought a pair of Dojo Seven for Mankind jeans that usually retail around $160 for $23. You can also find lots of great deals on Sperry's - I've bought two pair now averaging $25, and jewelry like Kate Spade - bought the earrings I wore in my sister's wedding for $25 and they are regularly $50.

How do you get started?
1. You have to have an iPhone or iPad (update now available for Android) When you sign up use the referral code CRYSTALCATTLE and you'll received a $5 credit to start shopping.
2. It is only for people in the USA
3. Start pulling all the stuff out of your closet that is too big, too small or that you just don't wear anymore. It can be clothing, shoes or accessories.
4. Use the Poshmark App to take a picture and type in the details.
5. Set your price.
6. When you sell an item for more than $15 Poshmark gets 20% and you get 80% of the selling price. On items less than $15 Poshmark takes a flat $2.95. Once the item is sold they will email you a prepaid label, and you pop your item in the mail. Once they seller receives the items you are paid by Poshmark. You can either withdraw your funds or use them to make purchases from other sellers.
7. If you are interested in just shopping you'll still need to set up an account. Nothing comes out of your bank account until you have receive the item and accepted it.

These are just a few of the items from my "closet." Since I joined back in 2013 I have earned nearly $600. Which is a lot more than I would have gotten at Goodwill! 

A couple of other tips. You will want to RSVP/join Parties. When the party starts click on an item in your closet and click on the share button. This allows you to share your items with hundreds of people who aren't even following you. I am also learning this is a great way to build followers. 

If you are in buyer mode don't be afraid to ask for a better price. They have a really cool feature where you can make an offer, and the buyer can counter offer. 

Also, there is something called bundling. If a buyer likes more than one item in your closet/store they might ask you to bundle the items so they don't have to pay shipping on each item. This means you make a new listing with the bundled items and sometimes the seller will also give a discount. 

Now comment below with your questions or if you are on Poshmark leave your username so I can follow you. My username is Crystal Cattle. Happy Poshing! 


  1. This website sounds like a great way for me to do more frugal shopping and sell off some of my less worn items! Have you scouted out some turquoise items that are to your liking? Hopefully, I can do some selling before I get into the buying part. :)

    1. Caroline, I haven't looked for much turquoise yet, but I am selling a couple turquoise pieces! I did buy a pair of Sperry's on there for $25 though. Try to get your friends to use your $5 code, it is under your profile, and invite friends. For every friend that uses it both you and them get $5. If you sign up use my code HEEJM and you'll get $5.


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