Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Introducing the newest babies

There are a few new babies in town, and there is going to be ton more throughout March. (So a ton for us is like 12, a ton for others is like 50). I've got a new little boy and new little girl to introduce you to.

This is the bull calf. The Boy so far has called him Paul Revere. Why you may ask? I asked this too. Well, this bull calf's sire (dad) is name Bailout. And Paul Revere bailed out the Americans by yelling "The Red Coats are coming, the Red Coats are coming!" Follow? Yes, naming is quite the process at our house. We'll see if the name sticks. I love the first moment when baby calves stand up. 

The next calf is really special to us. Her mom Fantasty ended up being a bottle calf when she was a baby because her mom didn't have enough milk. She even got to spent some time in the Boy's basement. The Boy pretty much raised Fantasy all while we were dating. Now, she has her own little baby heifer and Fantasy is a great mom. You'll also notice that I am keeping it real and there is some afterbirth on the cow. It can take a few hours for the cow to "clean" and expel all the afterbirth. 

This is a really quick video of Fantasy and Baby Fantasy. I've recently joined Vine, which is like the video world of Instagram. I've got a couple more calf videos posted on it, and let me know if you have jumped on the latest social media platform. If you are on Vine look me up - Crystal Cattle.


  1. sweet. It always amazes me how fast baby gets up and nurses. Then off they go. run and buck!

  2. Just darling. I love seeing all the little ones. :)

    (I lost power while I was trying to post this the first time. My apologies if this is a duplicate.)


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