Monday, April 15, 2013

The Picture of Health

Since January I am have been going to a Yoga/Pilates class. The class is offered three times a week, I set my goals at twice a week, however I did make it three times once, and often I don't make it there at all (especially when I am traveling). I definitely feel stronger and I think a few pounds have maybe come off. Ideally I would like my arms to be stronger, middle tighter and legs not to jiggle so much but I think I am doing OK. Especially, when you consider I ate the breakfast of champions on our way to judge showmanship at a cattle show in Minnesota this weekend.

This is what I call breakfast of champions. This is not a daily thing, or even weekly, but if we are headed to cattle show bright and early, and we make a stop at a gas station, this is what I'm getting. 

Today in class we were working with the balance balls. I'm not sure if that is the correct name for them, but they are big balls that you can balance on and do a variety of moves with. One of the most challenging moves is when we have to knee on the ball, feet off the floor and sit up tall, and put your hands out. It's taken me since January but I've mastered it. There is also an older gentlemen in our class. He's got to be 70. He wears jeans, a long sleeve button up, and tennis shoes to every class and can't understand why most of us would want to go barefoot. I love watching him or more listening. He grunts and groans and is not nearly as flexible as he probably once was, but he shows up to class. Today he also mastered the kneeling thing on the ball. I would say he is the picture of health. Not as slim as could be and the muscle definition might not be there but he's mastered one of the toughest moves in the class. I hope to be like him when I am that age. 

One last note. Today in class I wore my God Made a Farmer/Stockshow Kid shirt that I received from Stockshow Confidential.  One of the ladies behind me commented on how much she loved reading the back of my shirt in class. It made me smile. A good workout, people loving farmers and sunshine - that is a pretty good way to start off a Monday! I hope you have a fantastic week. 


  1. I've always wanted to try yoga! I just bought Jillina Michel's yoga meltdown DVD and can't wait to try it! I love her 30 day shred, so I hope I like the yoga video!

    Glad you are cancelling out your breakfast of champs ;) Happy Monday to you too!!

    1. Sarah good luck with it! I really enjoy my Pilates class. It is calming, but I still can tell I am getting a godo workout.


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