Thursday, April 18, 2013

Turquoise Thursday: C. Wonder

Thanks to Pinterst I came across an awesome brand called C. Wonder. Has anyone of you heard of them before, and perhaps I am just way behind the times? They have everything from cute clothes to great home accessories. Plus they are having a 30% off sale right now!

It may surprise you, but I have yet to buy a pair of turquoise skinny jeans. It's not that I don't want a pair, but it's getting close to summer and that means I will pretty much be living in company logo shirts, jeans and my boots. Turquoise skinny jeans don't quite fit into the look the company is going for. However, with these skinny jeans being priced at $64.99 and another 30% off, it is going to be hard to pass. They also have a really pretty coral color. 

I love this Enamel Initial Bangle. However, unless your name starts with a K or O you are going to have to settle for another color. I am really tempted to buy the B for Blin as it comes in hot pink. 

Can you see the arm party forming. This Frosted Bling Bracelet is really cute, but I might have to wait for it to go on sale at $48. Again, it comes in a couple other color options. 

I know it isn't turquoise but it is one of my other favorite colors. I love this Round Stone Bling Necklace. I bought a really cute strapless black dress at J.Crew for one of the eight weddings we'll be attending this summer. That's right - attending! That doesn't include the two that we aren't going to make it to. 

Check out these pillows! I think they scream summer. I can see myself hanging out on our porch surrounded by these bright turquoise pillows. In both these designs they have option in pink and orange. 

Ok who is going shopping? I love when I run into readers or when people drop me a line letting them know they did a little shopping from by posts. Happy Turquoise Thursday. 


  1. I think turquoise jeans would match the purple and orange of Sure Champ well. Just teasing!

  2. I've heard of C. Wonder but I don't think I've ever explored their site before... doing it now : )


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