Thursday, April 25, 2013

Turquoise Thursday: Turquoise Sandals

This spring has been long. Wayyyyy too long. All I want is a little sunshine because people are starting to get a little grouchy.

These are the reasons we need sunshine.
1. We've been getting moisture (which we really do need, it is still very dry) but we need some heat to get this grass growing. Our cows are very tired of eating hay, and it is very expensive for the Boy and I to keep on buying hay to feed our cows.

2. The soil temperature is hovering around 42 degrees, and we need it to be 55 degrees before we can plant corn. According to Farm Journal only 4% of what was expected to be planted at this point is actually in the ground. Sunshine and a warm wind will help that temperature rise, otherwise we'll be planting corn that has mittens on it.

3. Yes, I love my Frye tall boots, but want to wear some sandals. And I refuse to be one of those girls that freezes for fashion. Come out sun so I can show off my toes.

While waiting for the sun to appear I found a few options.

How cute are these leopard and turquoise sandals from Chic Wish. Bad news they are out of stock. That wasn't very nice of me to get you all excited was it. Good news there is a similar pair that comes in a really cute neon yellow

Now here is a really cute pair you can buy, and I did. I ordered these DV by Dolce Vita Archer sandals from the other day, and I was able to use a coupon to knock a few bucks off. They should be arriving next week and I can't wait to get them. 

While on I also saw these great beaded sandals again from DV by Dolce Vita. They have some great options this year. p.s. I love because they have free shipping and returns. 

Finally, check out these cute sandals that Southern Jewlz just got in. I love the tribal look of them. 

Now for something that it is a little off the topic of turquoise. I have to say that I love everyone who has been sending me pictures of their new Erin Condren Life Planners. Looks like after my blog post lots of you got the itch. If you ordered one and I haven't seen a picture yet get it up on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and  tag @crystalcattle so I can see a picture. 


  1. hope you get your warmer temps, soon. i, for one, have been happy to get the late cool fronts coming through texas - just to avoid the triple digits for a bit longer. :)

  2. We have been having great weather here in SC. I have actually starting wearing my sandals. I LOVE the first pair you have on here! Too bad they are out of stock. Hope it warms up for you!


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