Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Squad Life: Filling Up Your Cup So You Don't Shatter

If you follow me on social you will have seen that in the past 45 days I have had some pretty cool opportunities to attend some incredible conferences. First in June I saw Rachel Hollis and her gang speak at the Rise conference in Minneapolis and then it was Keep Collective's women empowerment conference in Denver in July. There I was inspired by Jessica Herrin, Sallie Krawchek, Maxie McCoy, and a whole slew of other incredible women.

Are you saying to yourself "man I wish I could do stuff like that." The truth is you CAN, and you NEED to. Filling up your cup is the only way you are going to have the strength, knowledge and energy to pour into others. Tune into these weeks Squad Life podcast to hear my simple tips, and then I want to hear your feedback!

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