Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Squad Life: Money, Mentorship and Small Towns with Hannah Miller

I am pretty sure it was some hashtag that brought Hannah Miller and I together a LONG time ago. She is someone I very much admire. If you looked up side hustle in the dictionary I am pretty sure you would find a picture of her. Hannah has always complemented her corporate careers with an array of side gigs. It has been a simple way for her to fulfill her passion, even though those passions are ever changing.

After this episode you'll surely be making a stop on Amazon to pick up a few of the books she recommends, and of course there is a great conversation about her favorite beauty product. If you want to know more behind of the story of why both of us love It Cosmetics make sure you check out Rachel Holli's podcast interview with founder Jamie Kern Lima.

Hannah's Businesses: Hannah Mo Consulting, Goin' Coastal Outfitters
Instagram: @HannahMoMiller
Book Recommendations: Broke Millennial, The Financial Diet, The Crossroads of Should and Must
Beauty Product: It Cosmetics Foundation
Squad Recommendations:  Brooke Clay, Rural Gone Urban, and Vance Crow

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