Thursday, November 26, 2020

Best Mother in Law Gifts

1. Deluxe Caffeine Station // the Keurig does it all. From regular cups of coffee and tea to espresso. And you can't miss foamer for your lattes. My SIL has one and it is amazing. 
2. Best PJs EVER // I love these pajama sets. The fabric is so soft and you can also get them with pants. 
3. Rhett Earrings // mixed metals is such a trend right now and you can't go wrong with these lightweight earrings. Get them for 30% off through Cyber Monday. 
4. Lavish Duo // This hand cream smells amazing and my MIL already has it 
5. Initial Necklace // these rainbow charms are beautiful and can be customized so many ways. 30% off through Cyber Monday. 
6. Ember Mug // This mug keeps your drink consistently warm 
7. Grandkid Pillow // Because you know who her favorites are now. 
8. Packing Cubes // We got these for my MIL last year and she loves them so much she ordered another set. 
9. Earring Huggies // You can't go wrong with a simple pair of studs. 30% of through Cyber Monday. 
10. Garden Markers // Such a cute Etsy shop! 
11. Mittens // When you aren't sure you can't go wrong with mittens, so much better than socks. 

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