Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Foodie Gift Guide

Whether you love preparing the food or simply want to be the one to consume it these gifts will be sure to please any foodie. 

1. Cocottes with Cookbook // My SIL got me these for Christmas one year and I love them. They are perfect for desserts or serving dips. 

2. Insulated Tumbler // I bought these last year for my besties. Lots of colors and I love that they come in a pack in two. 

3. Food Ornaments // If you want to make the foodie in your family giggle here is your chance.

4. Yeti Soft-Sided Cooler // Yeti doesn't need much explanation other than they are awesome. Plus, I love this color. 
5. Smart Garden // Bring the garden inside and grow your own herbs or veggies. 

6. Frother // I have talked about this frother so much. It is perfect for milk, your protein powder or hot chocolate. 

7. Mini Waffle Maker // This is too cute. Comes in multiple colors and different shapes. 

8. Food Pouches // I LOVE these reusable pouches. They are perfect for simple snacks on the go. 

9. Joy Tea // If you need a change from your typical Earl Grey or chai tea this is my FAVORITE. 

10. Dessert for Two // This is one of my go-to cookbooks and I love gifting it. It is perfect for empty-nesters, newlyweds or your single friends. 

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