Saturday, November 14, 2020

Gift Guide: Co-Workers and Teachers

When I did my Instagram poll a lot of you said that you struggle with gifts for your coworkers. As I was pulling everything together I was thinking to myself this is all the stuff I would love, ha. So if you are shopping for a coworker, teacher or some form of boss lady this is the perfect gift guide. 

1. Tote // I mean it is kind of perfect 
2. Notebook // everyone can always use another 
3. Customized Tumblers // these are a ton of fun and can be customized with a name 
4. Extra Long Charging Cord // because someone is always stealing hers
5. Boss Necklace // remind her how awesome she is
6. Affirmation Cards // this year I have really gotten into affirmations. I love having these positive notes on my desk. 
7. Candle // I have talked about these candles before and they are hands-down best smelling ones EVER. Yes, I really love them. 
8. Flair Pens // I love the messages on these 
9. Personalized AirPod Case // I love everything in this Etsy shop! 
10. Engravable Pulley Bracelet // customize with a saying, date or name(s)
11. Rinse-Free Handwash & Moisturizer Set // because everyone is keeping the germs at bay 
12. Ultimate Laptop Bag // they don't call this the Boss Lady bag for nothing 

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