Saturday, November 14, 2020

Gift Guide for Teen Girls

While there aren't any teens under this roof, so many of you requested ideas for this group. So, I polled my friends with teens and I can assure you these will land you in the cool mom or aunt pile.

I wanted to bring up something real quick on these gift guides. I've been talking about supporting small businesses on my Instagram. I think it is especially important this year. In each of these posts, it is my goal to make sure there are small business owners mixed into the list. 

1. Earring Holder // because I remember my dresser growing up was scattered with them 
2. Mini Light Box // a favorite amongst teens and me ;) 
3. Reusable Make Up Pads // I recently switched to these over cotton pads 
4. Moon & Star Earring // Mismatch earrings are all the rage (wait do teens say rage)
5. Starter Skincare // If your teens it getting into makeup and skin start her off with a clean skincare routine. Beauty Water is also great for maskne. 
6. Sherpa // because she is going to want to get cozy 
7. Glitter Airpod Case // for a little extra sparkle 
8. Waterproof Speaker // to make those showers even longer 
9. Tie Dye Kit // the perfect DIY activity over Christmas break 
10. Makeup Case // so it isn't spread out all over the bathroom counter 

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