Friday, April 23, 2010

An American Farmer Paul Mobley

He tells the story. 

Last night my passion for agriculture was renewed. I didn't attend a leadership workshop or a economic forecaster telling me that agriculture would be OK or that it was my time to lead it, but I did meet a guy named Paul Mobley. Osborn and Barr, an ad agency in Kansas City, held a special event to promote the book American Farmer. Paul Mobley was front and center discussing his journey to capture the agriculture lifestyle. I had goosebumps the entire time. 

Paul's whole perspective on agriculture has changed since his experience. He is now a huge advocate for agriculture. I wish others got to go through what he did. As I looked at his photos I just can't understand why people like Wyane Pacelle, HSUS, want to put us out of business. Why movies like Food Inc. are made to scare producers, and try and convince them through half-truths that what we are doing is wrong. I hope every consumer across America picks up this book and sees what agriculture is really about. These people could be doing a lot of other things, making a lot more money, but they choose to remain on the land and help feed you. 

Paul spent four years traveling to 37 states photographing farmers and ranchers in their natural setting. Paul isn't a native to rural America with his time beginning spilt between Michigan and New York. He said he had never expected to find the generosity, hospitality and friendship that rural people provide. He said in New York to have a friend for five years is really something, people are always moving on, but the people in agriculture he met have friends that they have know their entire lives. 

Photos courtesy of American Farmer by Paul Mobley

Me adding a couple pictures to this post doesn't do what I saw justice. Go out and buy this book or flip through it online here. It'll make an impact on you. 

Paul also has a blog that talks about his journey that you can read here. 


  1. What a great piece of work. Glad there are others that see our value and are helping to tell our story.

  2. American Farmer is on my Coffee Table. Great photography!

  3. Thanks for posting this Crystal. I hadn't heard of Paul but will check out his book right now!

  4. Did you just read my mind??
    I literally just sat down to write a blog about the exact same topic... Paul spoke yesterday at NAMA in KC. I bought his book and was completely blown away. What an incredible story!

  5. I too have it on my coffee table, and just LOVE looking through it! One of my favorite material things!


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