Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's been awhile, but I still love cowboy boots.

Even a pair for the boys this time.

My last boot blog was about R3's sister's store The Crystal Boot. Well since then she has created a facebook page will all her stuff.

She also just posted these boots called Ferrini boots, and they are really reasonable priced. I am pretty sure I would have to build a bigger closet if I bought all the boots I talked about. And I might also be in debit. Thanks Mr. Ramsey for keeping me on track.

These are my favorite pair! I love the tops. Isn't funny how we worry about the tops when hardly anyone ever sees them. It's like your own little happy secret. 

And if brown is your color, than these are the ones for you. 

And for the first time ever a pair for the boys. I think my future boyfriend should wear these. But he'll probably have to buy them for himself. 

And if I owned all those boots I could hang them on this. You can find this boot rack at


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