Thursday, April 1, 2010

I am quitting the blog...

Sometimes it is time to say goodbye...

After nearly a year of blogging I am throwing in the towel. So this is fairwell. Although, I have enjoyed hearing many of your comments and meeting my followers and readers I have decided I just don't have time to keep up with the blogging. I guess you will just have to turn Pioneer Woman or Advocates for Agriculture to quench your daily agriculture thirst. I look forward to still reading many of your blogs. Thanks for your support and I will miss you all.

Wait a minute... it couldn't be April Fools today?! OK that was my corny attempt at an April Fool's Joke. My dad was much better at getting my sister and I every year. I remember one year, when we were about five and seven, dad came running into our bedrooms and told us that we must get up because Sundance, our horse, had a baby! A baby horse, oh man we were excited. We jumped out of our bunk beds, threw on our sneakers (sneakers and p.j.'s always a hot combo) and ran to the truck. Now for some reason dad wasn't moving nearly as fast as we were. "Come on dad," you could hear us yelling through the window of the truck. However, as we sat there we began to realize things weren't adding up. Sundance was a gelding. Gelding can't/don't have babies.

Somehow the excited of a new foal overwhelmed our knowledge of farm animal reproduction.


  1. April Fool's!!!!!! You got me, good one! :) Have a great day!

  2. You had me all the way! Happy day to you!


  3. My dad did that to me but with twin calves...I so wanted to bottle feed one and he told me there was a set in the barn....again the rubber boots and pjs, ran all the way to the barn and sister who had been right there with me was no longer....and by the time I made it back to the house, the whole family was sitting there at breakfast, toasty warm and laughing at me...I'm pretty sure I've gotten over this....I think...
    Glad to see I wasn't the only "fool"! did have me going with the quiting thing!


  4. I guess I know you better than most because I didn't beleive you for a second. Happy April Fools and Happy Easter.

  5. Wow, I was surprised and disappointed when I read the first paragraph of your post!.....Glad you're not quitting!

  6. You got me too! Glad it was a joke though...I enjoy reading your blog.

  7. April Fools! I was always told you had to play your joke or reveal it before noon or you were the fool. Glad to hear that so many of you enjoy the blog.

    Cathryn, why are farm kids so gullible when it comes to farm animals?


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