Friday, April 9, 2010

Who knew Friday afternoons could be so exciting - The Angus Report

Drumroll please. 

Hello, this is Crystal Young, reporting from the desk of the American Angus Association with breaking news... OK so it actually isn't going to be me saying that, but it is going to be a real, legit, newsman saying stuff like that every week.

This afternoon our team just launched the Angus Report, a weekly online TV show. It'll cover Angus news and all the cool stuff happening in St. Joe town.

I know not all my readers are Angus groupies (I am only a partial one because of my love for Simmentals) but I just think this is really cool. I mean what other breed of cattle (or maybe any other individual livestock association) has a TV show. We're going to make Mr. News Anchor Bob Cervera famous.

I have lots more to tell you. Like my fishing trip yesterday and all the amazing music that I will be listening to this weekend (Reckless Kelly and AC/DC), but that might all have to wait until Monday. Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. I said country. I meant rock. Classic ROCK. It's way too early in the morning!!

  2. AC/DC rocks!! I LOVE classic country, but only the clean stuff. I got pick out the good stuff from Led Zeppling, Styx, everything Journey does... I gotta say I love black angus. We're not too big into the breeds, we just run yearlings and whatever color they send us lol

  3. Angus TV is a great concept. I am not a Registered Angus breeder, but I would love to see this concept expanded to all the associations. Maybe something like "The Cattle Registrar Show". I would love to see more updates on this.

  4. The concert was amazing! I am so glad that I got to see them.

    ZNT, thanks for the comment on the show. Hopefully, we can start to see more breed associations providing services like this.


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