Thursday, August 26, 2010

7 Ranchers from 5 Countries talk about feeding the world

Last January I had the opportunity to meet with the delegates of the Five Nations Beef Alliance Young Ranchers Program. I discussed with them the importance of telling agriculture’s story and allowing consumers to have a better understand of our roles in food production. You might remember this video of Jill Harvie, it was the example I used. 

The Alliance represents five countries USA – NCBA, Canada – Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, Australia – Cattle Council of Australia, Mexico – National Cattlemen’s Organization and New Zealand – Beef and Lamb New Zealand. Seven young farmers and ranchers from these five countries set out with their video cameras to capture a little bit of their livelihoods. They also shared on camera their experiences in agriculture and why cattle, the environment and helping feed the world is their passion.

During the last seven months video cameras and tapes have been rolling in from around the world, and I have been working on cutting them together into a finished project. What is interesting is that although there are many miles, landmasses, bodies of water and time zones that separate these cattlemen they all share many of the same dreams. They want to continue to remain on the land, protect the environment and make sure that everyone ends up with a safe and nutrition product on their plate.

I know standing up in front of a video camera can be intimidating, but it is one of the best ways to communicate with others. It combines words and visuals, and it allows the consumer to see what a farmer or rancher really looks like.

So take a look, and pass it around. The Young Ranchers group wants as many consumers as possible to watch this video. That means your banker, your “city” cousins, classmates or your children’s teachers. Keep on telling agriculture’s story.


  1. I would love to see this video - it sounds like an amazing project! But it's not letting me view it...

  2. Great post. I'm attending the AgChat conference next week and hope to learn more about getting the ag word and our farm's story out there:)

  3. Laura try search for Five Nations Beef Alliance on I seem to be able to watch it on the blog.

    The Wife of a Dairyman have a wonderful time at the conference. Can't wait to here all about it. Maybe you'll share some tips.

  4. Great video, Crystal -- wonderful perspective from around the world. Keep up the good work!


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