Tuesday, August 10, 2010

These boots were made for walking

No I did not walk over a cliff.
Hello blogging friends. You may have noticed that I have been a little absent over the last week, so I hope you haven't gotten too tired of looking at the Montana landscape.

This past week I was in Nashville helping with a young leadership conference and then the organization I work for filmed a live show last night. To say the least it has been busy, but I can't wait to share some of the things I have learned with you.

But to begin with, one of my favorite stores I visited in Nashville was Betty Boots. They had an awesome selection of boots, jewelry and clothing. However, with my upcoming trip to Australia I left it all behind. Save, save, save, however that doesn't mean can't admire it.

I love the longhorn slip ons.

Got to throw in a purple.

Love turquoise alligator

And some turquoise tips.

Great stuff.


  1. Amazing eye candy! Thanks for sharing Crystal.

  2. Oh you lucky girl! I LOVE the last pair....they need to be mine!

  3. Hi, I need those boots...love!

  4. When are you coming to Australia? Where are you going once here?

  5. Oh I love my Lucchese's I have that same pair. They were a special edition that select stores get and they flew like hot cakes in St. Joe! Oh and the new Corrals are so fun too! I love my boots that's for sure!

  6. Jonathan I arrive in Australia the middle of September and leave the middle of October.

    Melissa you are a lucky girl.


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