Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Don't fence me in.

Welcome to Big Sky Country

In July I got to travel to Montana. I love that state. I think everyone needs to visit it once. You might feel like all the worlds problems are slowly encroaching on your space, but you get out in Montana all those problems fade into that big blue sky.

It is true ranch/agriculture country. Wide open spaces filled with cattle and a good people.


  1. I've never been to Montana, and never really had it on my to-do list....but your pictures have convinced me otherwise!

  2. Awesome pics! Tiffany - ADD Montana to your list - we're 1 hour to the MT border, so we can take an adventure one day!

  3. Love the one of the irrigation pipe wheel! Brings back memories of the farm I grew up on...

  4. Thanks for the compliments girls.

  5. There's something very unique about Montana ranch fences...something you can't find other places. Love that you captured that in your photos. Hope you enjoyed this state. I leave tomorrow to go back to Iowa. It's very sad - Montana has quite the hold on me now.


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