Saturday, August 14, 2010

This is how we roll

Me and a couple blondes
As you read this I am likely sitting on a tack box at the Iowa State Fair. The boy is showing Hereford cattle this weekend. I am pretty excited to just relax and be around cattle people. They really are the best kind of people in the world. Like one huge family.

This weekend I also have two of the girls with me Miss Fabulous and Cgood. And if I would have found these cups sooner in the week I would have ordered some. I am thinking they might work great for football season.

The are from Junk Gypsy and you can purchase them here.


  1. I find cattle people can sometimes be too much like a close family when you're a horse person and not one of "them". But that's not a hard and fast rule, I'm just commenting on that sinceI experienced that at the fair this week...

  2. We're going to miss the fair this year. :( But we were just talking (in the truck, on our way to pick up turkey supplies) about how we can't wait for our little guy to be able to show cattle. Hubby's family has a long tradition of showing at the Hamilton County Fair, but Adam (who is 2) will be the first since hubby's sister graduated in 2005. I think we'll start him with bottle lambs in a couple years.

    Have fun! Post a picture of the big bull for us!

  3. BK, don't worry you will break through the shell and gain some awesome friends.

    Katie, I didn't get a picture of the Super Bull, but did see him. Pictures of the butter cow to come though!


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