Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Farmers Care About Feeding Missouri

We growing it and we give it

On Friday I am excited to participate in The Farmers Care About Feeding Missouri food drive. The event is taking place across the state and I am lucky enough that my Hyvee grocery store is participating. The even better news the Missouri Beef Council is going to match donations pound for pound in the form of beef and dairy products! People are going to need some beef to go with all those cans of beans.

Although, Canadian Thanksgiving was in October and American Thanksgiving is still a little ways away the all Fall is certainly a time to be thankful. Another year of crops have been harvested, calves have been weaned and likely sold. It is a time for those in the cattle industry to gather for sales and shows, and to be grateful for each others friendship. I am healthy, happy, blessed and have a full stomach. Giving back is the least the I can do.

So if you are in Missouri here are the details:

Roughly 343,000 Missourians are experiencing hunger, and Missouri ranks 6th on the nation for "food insecurity."

Visit these locations on Friday, November 5 from 4-6 p.m. to make your donation.

Kansas City - Hen House (North KC location)
St. Louis - Dierbergs (Brentwood location)
St. Joseph - Hy-Vee
Macon - C&R Market
Fredericktown - Country Mart 

And feel free to tweet about this event using the hashtag #feedingmo

Now if you don't live in Missouri consider making a donation anyway. There are people everywhere that could use our help.

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  1. So glad you made this a post! Second Harvest Community Food Bank in St. Joseph and its agencies will be so thankful as I'm sure all of the food banks and their agencies will be for donations!


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