Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things you can adopt

The season of giving 

It's that time of year when we are reminded to give, to reflect back on how fortunate we are and to say thanks.

Each year I make sure I take an extra grocery bag for food to the food bank, buy mittens for our warmth tree at church and usually take part in our adopt-a-family giving a work. They are small things, but I know they are making a difference to someone.

This year if you are looking for a twist on giving why not adopt-a-teacher? The Animal Agriculture Alliance has created the adopt-a-teacher program to help educate teachers and students about animal agriculture and issues like animal rights vs. animal welfare. Two subjects that greatly need to be discussed considering many teachers didn't grow up in agriculture setting and may not have all the answers their students are looking for.

For $35 the Alliance will send the teacher or school of your choice a Resource Kit. The kit includes "Myths and Facts of Animal Agriculture,a "Farm Facts Highlights" poster and "Farm Facts Highlights" booklet, along with carious other educational materials about animal agriculture. You can access more information on how you can adopt-a-teacher and share agriculture's story here


  1. This sounds like a great program and one that is much needed. Thanks for the info:)

  2. This is awesome! I think the boy and I may be sponsoring a few ag programs this year!

  3. This is awesome! Love it!

  4. I am glad you girls liked the read. Our workplace also rounds up supplies for our local animal shelter.

  5. what and incredible program and a great idea. These are exactly the kinds of things we need in agriculture to keep us in business and educate the public.

  6. Awesome! You continue to amaze me with every post Crystal!

  7. Thanks so much for sharing info about our program, Crystal! We are really excited to start promoting it more. Over the past few months we have added a bunch of great new ag materials. :)



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