Monday, November 1, 2010

Out with October and in with November

Spooktacular weekend

This weekend was spent running, and not in a pair of sneakers, but it certainly felt like a marathon. I was very fortunate to have some of my best girlfriends and the Boy come into town for the American Royal and KSU/OSU football game. With stops at the airport at the beginning and end of the weekend, we filled our time with shopping at Nigros, Jack Stacks, Grandmas, I-70, Bill Snyder Family Stadium, Aggieville, 1-70 and Kemper Arena, all before heading home to hand candy out to the trick-or-treaters.

Weekends like this aren't really relaxing I would say, but they do manage to get me centered and refocused again. It is really hard to explain to those that didn't grow up in agriculture, but sharing a ag background with these people creates an instant bond. I am really lucky to have such a great group of people surrounding me.

So, here is to a great October, and let a whirlwind November begin.

The Boy's Dad is quite the pumpkin carver. He said that I might even get a crystal.cattle turquoise one next year!


  1. love love love the pumpkins!

    and I hear you on the's been crazy lately, but hopefully I will get to see you in Louisville and catch up!

  2. Those pumpkins are aweomse!!


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