Saturday, November 20, 2010

Instead of pursing a career I could make money...

6666 Ranch
Instead of pursing a career I could make a lot of money at, I pursued what I love - Joe Leathers, 6666 Ranch.
This is my favorite quote from the I am Angus 6666 Ranch video. I think it speaks a lot about the people in agriculture. Farmers and ranchers are a group of people who have chosen to do what they love, and this is good for consumers. Because of the career path we have chosen, your family is provided with safe, nutritious and very inexpensive food. Also, while others have chosen careers that have led them to skyscrapers or concrete jungles we are on the land caring for it and protecting it.

I really like Joe's interview because he talks about how fortunate his children, and myself, are to have grown up in agriculture. We understand where our food comes from, and the effort, time and money it takes to feed a country. Something a lot of people don't understand much about.

And one other thing to consider. I talk a lot about the importance of telling agriculture's story, however, I think sometimes we spend too much time in agriculture telling our story to others in agriculture. We need consumers, politicians and decision makers to hear our story. So feel free to share this video or any other agriculture information with your banker, children's school teachers or cousins that live in the city. Let's make sure our story is being heard.


  1. Love the video, Crystal! And I think you have a great point about the need to tell our story to the public, rather than just to other people involved in agriculture. Great blog!

  2. I have traveled by that ranch more than once! Nice video...

  3. I am glad you both enjoyed it.


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