Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thank-you cards farm style

Just a little note

Ever have one of those days. Well I have been having a few of them. However, today there was a really bright spot.

Yes, that is a stack of thank-you notes that I received from some up and coming young cattlemen, that  participated in the American Royal Calf Scramble.

I think my favorite one is that green one hiding at the back. It said this...
Dear Crystal Young, 
Thank-you so much for sponsoring the calf scramble. You have made it possible for me to raise my 1st heifer. 
Sincerely, Jake xxxx
There was also a letter from a young lady named Aubrey. She wrote...
I understand that in 4-H or FFA a lot is done by volunteers and sponsors just like you. I want to thank-you for giving me this opportunity to support my livestock goals. I am glad my heifer is doing ok and I can't wait for the upcoming show year. I know this will be a rewarding project and one that I will remember... 
I think thank-you notes make the world a better place. I know that's corny and probably should be on a Hallmark card, but I believe it to be true.

And speaking of thank-you cards I am out! Visit my new Crystal Cattle facebook page or post below and tell me what are some of your favorite thank-you cards places.

I thought these would be cute for my K-State friends!

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