Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday = Amazing Cowboy Boots

Happy Shopping

So I hope all of you are having a fantastic Thanksgiving. I am missing out on turkey and pumpkin pie as I have made a trip up north (aka Canada aka currently the Frigid North) to spend some time with my family and partake in Agribition.

However, I will not abandon my Turquoise Thursday followers and this time my friend Miss Fabulous has scouted out a deal for you at Use coupon code THANKS10 for 10% your entire order.

Currently, I am in love with the Ferrini brand of boots. I cannot believe how reasonably priced they are. A couple friends of mine have now purchased them, including my sister, and swear they are comfortable.

Your Turquoise Thursday cowboy boots.

Aren't the tops of these fun! I think I would prefer a black patent leather bottom though. 

Now you can't forget about the boys. Here is a pair of cowboy boots for you. 

And the pair of boots that I hope will be sitting under the Christmas tree for me this year. 


  1. Thanks for sharing the discount code! I've had my eye on the red patent ones since Vegas last year. I LOVE them - fun how we all like different styles.

  2. So so cute!! Stay warm up there!!

  3. I hope you girls were able to make a purchase!

  4. Those are some very cute boots.
    Happy Holidays!

  5. Thanks Christie! Lots of my followers give me suggestions on cute boots, let me know if you ever see any!


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