Monday, August 15, 2011

America Needs Farmers

American Needs Farmers, there probably isn't a truer statement. I've been familiar with the the ANF phrase for awhile. Curiosity got me a few years ago when I had seen ANF on the Iowa Football team's helmets. ANF originated in 1985. Head Coach Hayden Frye and the Iowa Hawkeyes were on a seven game win streak, yet farmers and ranchers were in a tough situation. Crippling economic times were forcing farmers to sell land and livestock that had been apart of the family farm for generations. Nearly 20,000 farms went under in Iowa, 235,000 farms nationwide.

Hayden decided that he wanted to sent a message of support to those farmers, and the ANF logo was placed on the teams helmets. With the Hawkeyes having one of their best seasons ever ANF was given national spotlight.

the Hawkeyes helmet
Today the American Needs Farmers saying is just as relevant. The Boy and I are really lucky. Our families have had a relatively good year. Cattle prices are high and so are corn prices. However, on the other hand inputs (gas, fertilizer, hay, grain, seed) are also sky rocketing in price. It is taking more money to make money, and we are lucky ones. To the south ranchers are being forced to sell thousands of head of cattle because the drought has turned fields of grass into dirt. There is no feed for the cattle so they must be sold. To the north massive flooding as put some farmer's crops under 30 feet of water. They say much of the Missouri River flood waters won't recede until Christmas time.

Add on top of that the pressures by groups like HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) and PETA who's goals are to end animal agriculture. Each day they use their multi-million dollar budgets to try and change policy that will make it harder for farms to stay in business. (p.s. HSUS doesn't own a single animal shelter and only spends less than half of one percent of its budget on animal shelters.)

The Iowa Farm Bureau has teamed up with Iowa to bring back ANF. I was excited when I saw their display at the Iowa State Fair, and I will definitely be purchasing an American Needs Farmers T-shirt for my first Iowa vs. Iowa State game this fall. Don't worry my heart still bleeds purple for my Wildcats.

In the coming weeks I'll be sharing some more information with you on the American Needs Farmers campaign. I mean combining college football and farming doesn't really get much better. And stay tuned for more Iowa State Fair posts, the Boy and I are showing his Hereford heifers this morning. Finally, don't forget today is the last day to enter my bracelet giveaway. Hope you all had a great weekend.

The Iowa Farm Bureau America Needs Farmers banners.


  1. Love this. I would like to see this in Kansas maybe land grand universities such as K-State should partner. I have linked this to my blog post for this coming Thursday.

  2. Hi Crystal
    Great post and yes America need LOT's of farmers! I never saw that logo on helmets before, but then again i do not watch much football ;-)

    Glad you liked my brush post!

  3. Agree. America Needs Farmers. Thanks for highlighting this.


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