Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Looking pretty in agriculture

It isn't all about playing in the dirt. 

Post was updated on 1/8/15 to reflect the new awesome things my friends are doing. 

A little while ago one of my awesome friend's Chelsea Good invited me to be apart of a little photo taking session. She wanted her good girlfriends to join here for some photos by Wrenn Bird Photography. Wrenn is a great photographer, she also has a strong background in ranching and agriculture, and I wasn't going to miss an opportunity to hang out with the girls, so off to the Flint Hills of Kansas we went. 

You see just because we are "farm girls" doesn't mean we don't like getting dresses up a little. You should see how many different hair products and make-up containers there would be between the three of us. I always laugh when someone says well you don't look like you grew up on a farm. I am not really sure what growing up on a farm is supposed to look like. 

Chelsea is originally from Colorado and was your typical 4-H/FFA geek. I mean that in a good way. Livestock Judging brought her to Kansas, and that's where we met. From there Chelsea continued to conquer the world. She went onto law school, while promoting agriculture as the Communications Director for the Kansas Department of Agriculture and now is the VP of Government and Industry Affairs at the Livestock Marketing Assocation. Chelsea is the girl that we need in agriculture because she is going to fight for us. Just because you wear sundresses 80% of the year doesn't mean you don't know something about soil, corn or cattle.

This is Abby. She comes from Illinois, she knows her way around the cattle show barns and the pastures back home. A ton of mutual friends in agriculture brought Abby and I together. Abby also ended up in Kansas working for the Beef Cattle Institute as their Communication Officer, where she working on getting people signed up for Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) courses. She is the girl making sure farmers and ranchers have the training to provide you with the safest product possible. Since then moved to Indianapolis and now serves as Senior Marketing Associate on the Elanco Beef Team. 

And that is me. I think you know quite a bit about me already, but don't be afraid to ask if you are missing a piece to the puzzle. I have a LOT of exciting things to tell you soon about changes in my life and new projects I'm working on, but I have to keep my lips sealed for now. All I can say is yes no matter how I look on the outside I know a thing or two about the food we eat, raising cattle, corn (OK trying to learn) and turquoise jewelry. And above all I have a passion for agriculture. 

Our better side?


  1. cute pics, farmgirls!

  2. It is so funny the perception that people have of agriculturalist. They think we all wear overalls and have a piece wheat in our mouths at all times. I have had many people at work tell me how surprised they are that I know so much about ag when I dress so 'not country' (as they call it). I always tell them country people dress the same at everyone else - they all have their individual style just like everyone else!

    Love the photos!!

  3. I already commented on these on Wrenn's page, but I just have to comment again on your blog. :) I just love these photos and think it is so cool to have fun, prefessional photos like this with your friends! Wrenn and I were classmates at Tech and I so enjoy watching her grow her photography business. Thanks for sharing this fun, personal post!

  4. Love these! I love to get dressed up, even if it is just to go help move sheep. :/

  5. Your girls look GREAT! Wonderful photography.

    In a speech and debate class my kids were in, the subject was brought up about the stereotypes of farmers. slow, laid back, kinda backwards. I had to point out we were the one who supplied the Wall Street Journal for the class.

    People have an image in their heads they can't get rid of.

    judi @

  6. Great Pics - what a fun thing to do!

    And thanks for the shout out in you post about corn - I read the whole thing and then saw the link, made me smile!

    Jent! - it just keeps posting Anonymous!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics. I'm coming to Kansas at the end of the month. I'll be in Manhattan and Kansas City. Having girlfriends with similar loves and passions to you is so important!

  8. Great pics Crystal!

  9. Beautiful images.
    I always remember my Dad's advice to me when young and working with him: "Just because you can work like a man, you don't ever have to look like one".
    I'm passing these same words onto my three girls.

  10. It has been so great to read all your comments. It looks like we are all in the same boat. Fiona I think your line sums it up best!

  11. I grew up with 2 sisters on a 300 cow/calf ranch with no brothers. We always put our makeup on before we were calving, haying, or fencing (you never know if Mr. Right might walk up the fence line and help you pound that post if you play your cards right). The habit has always stuck with me (my older sister is now grumpy and frumpy and my younger sister is with me in spirit on this one although she's looking down from heaven laughing at me even writing this). I want to look good - even when I'm AI-ing cows, thus the "coral" waterproof jacket found at Cabellas with the zip-out sleeve and purchased with my Christmas gift card - LOL!


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