Thursday, August 18, 2011

Turquoise Arm Party (Bracelets)

Oh, ah

I hope everyone has had a fantastic week. I've been playing a little bit of catch up since returning home from the Iowa State Fair, but it will get done. Plus, I am looking forward to a weekend full of friends, wine tours and a bachelorette party. Let the good times roll.

This week I threw out the term arm party. It's the "technical" term used by many to describe stacks of bracelets. Remember my own arm party creation? Well now it is time to venture out and Gypsy land seems like the perfect spot for an arm party.

Junk Gypsy once again does not fail. These three turquoise bracelets come as a set and are only $45.00 - booyah! 

I have been eyeing this arm party for awhile. The turquoise peace bracelet is $12 - steal, the woven turquoise bangle - $18 - it is also available in a cream, and the rhinestone peace cuff is $18. 

Or maybe you just want one big statement piece. I think this turquoise cuff will do the trick! 

I would love to feature some of you arm parties on my blog. Email pictures to


  1. I am loving the arm party term. These are pretty. I personally love that turquouise cuff!

  2. I love the Junk Gypsy! I have a few of their things.....they take teh arm party to a whole other level! :)

  3. I <3 the last one, but not the price tag (which seems to be the case with most things these days).

  4. I still smile every time I see your blog header! I love it. Did you know that Junk Gypsy Jolie's husband is a former Brahman breed association employee? They are such great people. It is so exciting to see how successful they have become! So see, you have something in common with the Junk Gypsies...breed association work :)

  5. I love with the cuff!


  6. The statement piece cuff is exquisite! Going on my wish list...

  7. Hey guys,

    Thanks for sharing your views about these turquoise bracelets. It is carry a variety of unique styles for both men and women, this design of necklace is very stylist and attracting. In now day it is gifted to other people....

  8. So cute! Love the arm favorite is the last cuff! SO fun!


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