Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Green ribbons

Iowa State Fair

Well, the Iowa State Fair Hereford Show has come and gone for the Boy and I. Although, I am not quite caught up on sleep, we had an awesome time working together. It can always be hard when a new person enters the farm (that would be me). Jon (we are going to call the boy by his first name today) has been working hard on his same herd of Herefords for many years now. Luckily, Jon and I both bring different skills to the table, and together we can take JJB Cattle Co. to another level.

When I got to the  show I decided to take before and after pictures of the stall. I was really please with how the stall looked all week. Not only is it important to have a bed pack (what the heifer lay on) that is comfortable for the cattle, but is also important to have a clean and well presented stall. Jon did all the graphics for the banners and stall cards and they turned out great. I even cooked while at the show, more details to come on that later.

Randy, Jon's dad also came and was in charge of washing the cattle. Each day Randy came back soaked, but those heifers were sparking clean! 

As for the heifers we brought three yearling (year old) heifers. Dana picture below is my favorite. 

We didn't bring any blue or red ribbons home. The heifers weren't quite what the judge was looking for this time, but it was fun for me to be back out there in the showring. It is hard when you put that much work into your livestock to not have as much success in the showring as you would like. Yet, for me it was a reminder that that even those I want success, I also do this because of the people and I love being a part of agriculture. Throughout the week I got to catch up with old friends and make many new ones. Jon and will be back at the Iowa State Fair again, and one day we'll have those champion banners hanging in the stall. 


  1. It sounds like a wonderful show, even though you didn't bring home the ribbons and honors.

    Your attitude is to be admired. We show our dogs and those who don't win the ribbons and plaques aren't always so polite about not winning.

    Congratulations on a great show.

  2. Love the pictures! Beautiful heifers! I didn't make it to our fair this year. :(

  3. I agree "winning" is fun - but we always tell the kids (and ourselves) that as long as we are having fun doing it as a family and we are learning something then we are doing it for the right reasons!
    Your stall looked great and I can't wait to hear what you cooked!

  4. Your stall and heifers look great! We told our son this year that it wasn't all about winning. He should be proud of all the hard work that he put into his steers all year. It was a great family project as well!!

  5. Congratulations I love the photos.
    I notice your list on the side is getting much pinker. Great job on that list. B

  6. showing cattle is soo awesome! i love the memories we make as a family when we go. and it teaches them responsibilty and confidence. not to mention wether they win or lose, when they walk out with a huge smile on their faces, its all worth it! happy week to you.

  7. Great pics, looks like a fun show :) My state fair is this week..we leave thursday. Needless to say, I'm excited!


  8. I missed stopping and saying hi to you guys :o( I think we got there after you all were gone. Maybe next time...but your stalls look great! Sign is gorgeous and I can't wait to hear about your cooking!


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