Thursday, September 15, 2011

365 days ago I went to Australia

Across the Ocean 
I was a year ago today I flew from Kansas City to Minneapolis to Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia, for a 30 day trip of a life time. I shared a few Australia posts yesterday and today I've got a couple more posted to share with my mates (get it).

Yes, that really is the Sydney Opera House - definitely one of the most exciting moments for me on my trip. There I was thousands of miles away from home, in a city where I knew no one, standing there looking at the Opera House. Going to Australia was always a dream and goal of mine and seeing the Opera House made it all seem real.

Mary had a little lamb - Yup there are lots of sheep in Australia. That was the one thing I brought back for myself was an Australian sheepskin. And it is so soft. Lamb is one of the things I miss the most about Australia. We ate it, like I eat beef here, and so far I have been too afraid to cook it here. I need to import one of my Aussie friends so they can do some cooking for me.

My Million Dollar Aussie Ideas - yes when I was in Australia I figured out how to make my millions. Now, I haven't found an investor to start on this little project, so if you are interested let me know. It involves possums and hair straightens. No animals were hurt in this blog post.

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  1. These Australia posts make me miss my time down under. Well, at least we have the fond memories...


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